Gadget SALE : 5 Things to Remember When Joining One Day Big Sale Events

Two giant mobile companies will be holding one day smartphone sale events across the archipelago this afternoon.

gadget sale

gadget sale

Whether you intend to fall in line for the Nokia C6 Sale or to join the LG Optimus One Sale queue, here are 5 things you might want to keep in mind in preparation for the expectedly arduous discount hunt --

1. Don't just arrive early. Arrive far earlier than everyone else!
Remember that it's highly unlikely that you're the only one interested to take home those discounted goodies. Expect long lines. Also, stocks are limited. Needless to say, if the sales hour starts at 2PM, don't arrive at the venue at 2PM.

2. Wear comfy clothes and shoes.
You'd want to be as comfortable as possible while falling in line. For guys, drop the long sleeves and wear plain tees. For girls, wear flats.

3. Make sure you have enough money.
Check the discounted price again before going to any participating outlet. Count your money and make sure it's enough to make the purchase. You wouldn't want to already be in front of the cashier when you realize that you don't have enough moolah to take home the gadget.

4. Be wary about pickpockets and other bad people while in line. Protect your belongings.
Remember that opportunists and bad elements are always on the lookout for unsuspecting people to victimize. They know that those who fall in line for gadget promos have money in their pockets and most likely also have other gadgets in their bags. Always make sure of the safety of your belongings. Check your pockets regularly and keep your bag within your view and as close to your body as possible. Report suspicious people to security guards.

5. Test the gadget.
Before leaving the counter, give your new gadget a test run. Plug in the battery and turn the smartphone on. Navigate the user interface, take photos, type using the keypad. Make sure the case if flawless and that the operating system works smoothly.

There you go! Happy shopping!


  1. hell TEST THE GADGET? panu ung ibang naghihintay? total may warranty naman sya at hindi naman siguro nila ibebenta ng sira?

  2. kawawa naman ung ibang gusto din makadiscount ... kung ako un mga 1 minute tapos agad ako... hablot ng kahon... lagay sa paperbag... bigay ng exact amount then leave.... sa labas na itesting... pde naman ibalik kung sira eh.

  3. hahaha HANGGANG ngaun naiinis pa din ako sa LG na yan di talaga ako bibili ng kahit anong LG kahit refrigerator o tv man lang hahaha DI MAKA GET OVER. hahaha pumila ka ba naman ng 6 hours? ahahaha


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