Facebook Email : New Messages Feature, 5 Things You Need to Know About It

Today, the sole website to have beaten Google in the US in terms of traffic rolled out a new product.

Facebook simply calls it [New] Messages --

With the new Messages, you can finally have easy access to all your private conversations with your friends all in one place.

The new Messages interface not only shows the Facebook messages you exchange with your friends, but it also collates and interweaves your texts, chats and emails (should you choose to create an @facebook.com email address). It's really a central place to control all private communication, both on and off Facebook.

Now when you check out a conversation, you're actually viewing at a complete history of all the communication you have shared with that friend on Facebook — it is just like having an ongoing record of your friendship.

Watch the official introduction video --

Facebook Email : 5 Things You Need to Know About It

1. Facebook launched its own email service to give users a more integrated Messages experience. Having your email integrated with your chats, texts and messages makes it easier to view them all at once. And if you'll be looking for a message later, you won't have to worry about how it was sent since all of your different messages - regardless of type - are actually in one place.

2. Facebook Email is compatible with traditional email systems like Yahoo, Hotmail and even Gmail. So when your friends send you emails from these systems, they're delivered directly to your Facebook Messages page. Also, when you send messages to external email addresses, they will be formatted to look like your messages on Facebook, which include your name, profile picture and your message.

3 Your Facebook Email address will match your public username, that is:

Profile: facebook.com/username
Email: username@facebook.com

If you still don't have a username, you can choose one when you create your email address.

4. You may only get your @facebook.com email address after your account has been upgraded to enjoy New Messages feature. So you'd have to wait until you get the notification. Facebook is rolling out New Messages to everyone gradually, so you should see the steps to upgrade soon.

5. Just like any other email service, you may attach photos, videos and documents to your outgoing Facebook Email messages. To attach files, all you have to do is to click on the paperclip icon located below the message you are composing, and choose the file you’d like to upload. You may also attach photos found in your Facebook albums and record videos to be sent on the spot.

There you go. Facebook Email and New Messages Feature, ladies and gentlemen. :)

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