World Robot Olympiad 2010 : Philippines Wins Big!

The Philippines emerged as big winners in the recently concluded World Robot Olympiad as it hauls two gold medals in the Open Category.

Cupping gold medals in the Open Category are Grace Christian College from Quezon City for the Elementary Level and Dr. Yanga’s College from Bulacan in the Junior High School category.

world robot olympiad
Dr. Yanga's College

Coming second and third in the Open Category – Elementary Level are Malaysia and Korea. Under the same category, Spurgeon School from Makati City won sixth place and Most Popular Robot.

In the Open Category – Junior High School Level, China and International School of Manila netted silver and bronze medals, respectively. Grace Christian College placed fourth as well in this category.

world robot olympiad
Grace Christian College

With the theme, “Robots Promote Tourism,” the students fashioned their robots in the Open Category to market the culture and tourist spots in their countries.

The Philippines also won a silver in the Regular Category-Elementary Level courtesy of West Rembo Elementary School, the country’s first in its six years of joining the WRO. Tibagan High School from Makati also placed fifth in the same category.

world robot olympiad
West Rembo Elemtary School

The Regular Category – Elementary Level featured the game “Tour of the Philippines” where robots of the students were tasked to run across an obstacle course placed on top of the map of the Philippines.

Benigno Aquino National High School from Makati and Makati Science High School also placed seventh and eighth place in the Regular Category- Junior High School.

The Regular Category – High School featured the game “Tumbang Preso” where the robots of the students were tasked to touch three switches to open a gate, knock down a can, grab another and bring it to the finish line.

Dr. Ester B. Ogena, Director of the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute, expressed elation over the Philippines’ medal reap in the WRO.

“We have truly shown to the world that we can be at par with developed countries as we also possess the human resources that can go head to head with their colleagues,” she said.

Ogena pointed out that the government will continuously support science, technology, engineering and mathematics related competitions, here and abroad, as it brings to the fore students with talent in science and technology.

“Competitions provide us the opportunity to discover gems in science and technology which we can help in honing their talent and eventually, lead them into the science community,” she said.

Ogena noted that she is optimistic that the students who joined in the WRO, as well as those who join in other science-related competitions, will take courses in science and technology.

“If they want to look forward to a world of work in science, there are science scholarships we offer annually for those who are really interested.”

Ogena said that she is hopeful as well that the WRO enticed the public into seeing science in a different light and see that it is everywhere.

“Science is in everything and it is our dream that the Filipinos will embrace a culture of science and technology,” she said.

Mabuhay ang Kabataang Pilipino!

Story and Photos courtesy of Mark Ivan C. Roblas, Information Officer, Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute

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