Google Search : Page Preview on Mouse Hover Out!

So it appears that Google has quietly revamped its search engine results page and rolled out a quite cool additional feature --

google search page preview
Neat New Feature: Works on Local Search Too!

Since Google hasn't released any statement on this improvement yet, let's just call it 'Google Search Page Preview on Mouse Hover'. What do you think? :)

This feature allows users to check out how a link destination looks like before they make a precious click, saving them the hassle of visiting pages that might not contain the content they need.

To see the link preview, all you have to do is to hover your mouse on a search engine result. A box will then pop out on the right side of the page showing the preview.

I'm not sure if Google launched this feature yesterday (as I was out the whole day) or just this morning. Either way, I'm not the only one surprised by the apparent lack of any early announcement --

google search page preview

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