Nokia N900 Review : 8 Things We Like About It, Panel Shots, Verdict

If you've been following TP since middle of this year, you should know by know that we don't only highly recommend Nokia N900, we're also a big fan of it.

nokia n900

"With Linux software, Mozilla-based browser technology and now also with cellular connectivity, the Nokia N900 delivers a powerful mobile experience. [...] What we have with Maemo is something that is fusing the power of the computer, the internet and the mobile phone, and it is great to see that it is evolving in exciting ways."

- Benoit Nalin, General Manager, Nokia Philippines

Since I've been writing about this incredible pocket computer for sometime already, I've decided to give my final review a twist. So instead of the my usual review sections (i.e. Overview, Multimedia, Browsing Experience, etc.), I'll just list down the 8 Things I Absolutely Love about Nokia N900. I hope you find it cool.

But before that, in true TechPinas tradition, let's do the panels --

nokia n900
The face flaunts the 3.5" resistive touchscreen with 65K colors and 800 x 480 pixels resolution. Above the screen, when you hold the phone vertically, you will see the earpiece, the secondary VGA camera and the proximity sensor.

Nokia N900 is designed such that you hold it horizontally when working with it. This makes the screen look more like that of a computer instead of the usual smartphone's.

nokia n900
At the top panel, you will find the (from left to right) infrared sensor, camera button, the power button and the volume rocker.

nokia n900
At the rear, you'll see the slot for the stylus.

nokia n900
The right side shows the reset pinhole, 3.5mm headset jack, screen lock rocker and half of the pair of speaker grills.

nokia n900
At the left, you will find the microUSB port and the other speaker grill.

nokia n900 review
Finally, the back of the device flaunts the matte plastic fingerprint resistant battery cover --

nokia n900 review
and also the 5 MegaPixel Auto-Focus camera with Carl Zeiss lens, Dual LED flash and Video Light. This camera can also shoot videos with WVGA (848 x 480 pixels) resolution at 25 frames per second.


Now, on to the 8 things TP likes about Nokia N900

1. Form Factor and Design Identity
Nokia N900 is built like a tank. One would expect that as a slider, this phone would 'flex' when you hold it tightly or when you shake it. But that's not the case at all. The screen stays firmly in place when you close it as if there's magnet locking it to the body of the device.

I own a Thinkpad and I think my Nokia N900's build and construction are largely identical to that of my laptop. They're both very solid and I think they complement each other perfectly.

I also like the fact that Nokia N900 has this no-nonsense business look. I believe it's an ideal device for businessmen who want to always exude that air of corporate sophistication. You need only take this phone out to give everyone around you the impression that you're not to be taken lightly.

For more photos of Nokia N900, check out TP's Nokia N900 Unboxing entry.

2. Powerful Maemo Operating System

nokia n900 review

I'm inclined to believe that platform-wise, Maemo is the best thing to have happened to Nokia thus far. I'm going to make a bold statement that this OS slays everything that's out there right now -- iOS, Android, name it.

It's practically a computer operating system running on a smartphone. That's really what it is. And it's something that you have to experience to totally appreciate.

3. Multi-Tasking : Like How It Should be Done!

Here's a video that I took showing multi-tasking on Nokia N900. I'm letting it speak for itself;

Of course, there are other smartphones that can multi-task. But the way N900 does it makes you feel that you're actually working on a computer. There's a minimize window button, which brings you to a page where all of the active windows can be found.

Learn how to Multi-Task on Nokia N900 via the link.

4. Full QWERTY Keypad

nokia n900 review

Nokia N900 is ideal for business users who type on their smartphones a lot. The slide-out keyboard is sizable and the keys are a joy to work with.

5. Decent Camera and Video Capture Capabilities

Nokia N900 shoots 5 MegaPixel photos with its Carl Zeiss lens. Here are a few photos I took under various lighting conditions and camera settings.

and the phone likewise shoots videos with WVGA 848 x 480 pixels resolution at 25 frames per second. Here's one that I took in Singapore the day before the start of Nokia Connection 2010 --

I think Nokia N900 shoots decent photos and videos. But if you really want a smartphone that excels in this department, then I suggest you check out Nokia N8. I'm now using Nokia N8 and I believe it dons the most powerful camera ever put on a smartphone. I'll post sample photos soon.

6. Powerful Browser

Again, I'm letting the video speak for itself;

When it comes to web-browsing, very very few phones can hold a candle against Nokia N900.

7. Customizable Desktops

One of the coolest things about Nokia N900 is that it allows you to easily and quickly customize your multiple desktops.

nokia n900 review
To customize the look of your desktop, just make a long press on the screen until it reaches edit mode.

nokia n900 review
To change the background, choose another theme and to add widgets and shortcuts, just click on the top bar to launch this drop down menu. You may choose background images from your photos or from the library.

nokia n900 review
After changing the theme or the background and after dragging shortcuts, icons and widgets, click done on the upper right corner to wrap up the customization process. Easy.

8. Responsive Touchscreen

Contrary what some people who haven't even tried using Nokia N900 are saying, this smartphone's resistive touchscreen is actually very responsive and effective. It detects the slightest pressure and is very precise. Combined with haptic feedback, Nokia N900's screen offers great user experience. For me, this is easily the best resistive touchscreen on any smartphone in the market right now.

I believe Nokia chose resistive over capacitive screen for this device so users can use a stylus to make hand-written notes. I usually take hand-written notes during meetings and I really appreciate the fact that I can do it on my Nokia N900.

TP Verdict:

Needless to say, we love this device.

I think Nokia N900 is for geeks and businessmen and practically everyone who demand outstanding multi-tasking and web-browsing features on their smartphones. It's for people who want their smartphone not only to look good but also to have an operating system that's easy to use, flexible and above all, powerful.

I give it 9.5 stars out of 10 TP five-pointed stars. (And just between us, I'll probably give it a 10 after I dual boot it to MeeGo.)


  1. Thanks Morris! How's your Nokia N900? :)

  2. It's really is an amazing device. :) Thanks for checking out TP, Phoebe! :)

  3. I prefer the Nokia C6 compared to the N900. Cheaper with a meaner punch.


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