Two Years of TechPinas : Happy Anniversary, TP! Thank you, TP Friends!

TechPinas was born on November 18, 2008. And if my Math serves me right, today marks its 2nd birthday.

"Happy 2nd Year Anniversary, TP!"
- Mark Milan Macanas, TP Founder/Head Writer

And TP has you to thank for the many successes that it is currently enjoying. Here are a few of TechPinas' achievements, thus far --

1. In just a span of two years, TechPinas not only broke Alexa's Top 100,000 Sites list but continues to rise in position. Yesterday, of the millions upon millions of websites and blogs online, Alexa ranked TP at 54,496;


2. As of today, of all websites and blogs included in its metrics, Quantcast ranks TechPinas #44 website in the Philippines. I believe, in Quantcast, TechPinas is also the highest ranked technology blog based in the Philippines;


3. TechPinas partners with tech companies to give you, TP friends, the inside scoop on what's hot in the Philippine Tech Scene. So far, TP has worked with Nokia, HTC, RIM - Maker of BlackBerry Smartphones, and Power Mac Center. TechPinas deeply believes in the quality of products and services offered by our partners.

Again, on behalf of TechPinas, I'd like to thank you for trusting the site and for checking it regularly. Thank you so much!

We're always doing our best to make sure that all TP readers are informed with the latest, most entertaining and most relevant tech news. We do this is the purpose of making every Filipino - regardless of age - feel that technology is not something so far nor so expensive that it can't be reached and to make everyone realize that they too can be techy.

TP is cooking a few gadget giveaway promos for the coming Yuletide season as a sign of our thanksgiving for the wonderful two years TP has had so far. I'll make a formal announcement regarding this within the next few days. :)

Cheers to TechPinas! Here's to many more wonderful and amazing years to come! :D