Nokia N8 Unboxing Video : Accessories and Peripherals Check - Stunning Looks!

In May 2010, TechPinas became the first tech blog in the Philippines to feature Nokia N8's initial leaked photos online by IT168 and - eventually - its official demo video by Chris Bennetts. Last June, straight from Singapore, TP covered the flagship smartphone's official announcement in Nokia Connection 2010 complete with videos and photos. And just last month, to culminate everything, TP let you in on Nokia N8's much-anticipated official launch in the Philippines held in Makati

TP friends, I'd like to believe (and I hope you do too) that TechPinas has been there all the way for the gorgeous and powerful Nokia N8 --

nokia n8 unboxing

I always say, 'not all unboxing posts are the same.' To put it frankly, some gadgets are just more of a joy to unbox than others -- and this goes beyond obvious reasons like brand image and price category. Sometimes, as the case with Nokia N8, it's because of a sense of affinity brought about by numerous previous related posts and by sheer belief in what the product can offer.

Ladies and gentlemen, TechPinas' Nokia N8 Unboxing Video --

As you can see, Nokia N8 box is really slim and is largely made of paper and recycled plastic. Also, we won't find any software CD inside as Nokia had smartly moved all Softwares to the memory of the device itself. Eco-friendly? Definitely.

Here are the accessories and peripherals that you will find in the box --

1. Nokia N8 unit itself
2. Connectivity Cable CA-179
3. Adapter Cable for HDMI CA-156
4. Charger
5. Stereo Headset
6. Adapter Cable for USB OTG CA-157
7. Warranty papers
8. Quick Start Guide / Manual

Nokia N8 is now available in the Philippines via Nokia Stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of only Php 23,699. It's also available for FREE through Smart Postpaid Plan 2000.

TechPinas is a big fan of Nokia N8's powerful multimedia features, which include its 12 MegaPixel camera and 720p HD Video Capture capability, and its stunning design identity -- flaunting a 3.5" scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display, chrome screen frame and anodized aluminum unibody.


  1. Where did you get that cool N8 pouch bag? Does it come when you buy the N8 at nokia stores? Thanks!

  2. Hi Iskios! Thanks for checking out TP! :)

    My unit came from Nokia Philippines Head Office. I'm not sure if they are also giving the pouch to buyers in Nokia Stores. :)

  3. haha patay gutom iskios. buy ur own


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