LG Optimus One SALE : SM MegaMall, SM North EDSA, SM Cebu, Gaisano Davao LG Concept Shop - One Day, One Hour, One Chance

To celebrate the market launch of LG Optimus One in the Philippines, LG will be presenting the ONE DAY, ONE HOUR, ONE CHANCE Sale this coming Saturday, giving consumers a chance to avail of this hot smartphone at 50% OFF!

Originally priced at PhP 12,990, LG Optimus One will go for only PhP 6,490 via this special introductory offer.

lg optimus one sale
LG Optimus One Trivia -- Did you know that the popular boy band Big Bang is the official endorser of LG Optimus One in Korea?

The sale is set to happen on November 13, 2010 at participating LG Concept Shops in SM North EDSA Annex in Quezon City, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, SM Cebu in Cebu City and Gaisano Davao in Davao City.* (Source: Manila Bulletin)

Off hand, the rumored sale hour is 2-3 PM -- but I've yet to confirm this with LG Philippines. Please give me until this Friday to do that.

UPDATE as of November 11, 2010, Thursday --

I've just confirmed it with Mr. Al Dimapilis of LG; The Sale Hour will be 2-3 PM, November 13, 2010 at the abovementioned LG stores. Again, it's confirmed.

Sir Al even sent us the official promo poster featuring LG Optimus Official Ambassador, Lee Min Ho --

lg optimus one sale

What's hot about LG Optimus One?!

Well, this phone is actually one of the first smartphones to launch with Android 2.2 Froyo, which is currently the most updated version of the Android operating system. This version of the platform delivers up to three times faster mobile internet surfing, application use and multi-tasking.

Check out full technical specifications and official press photos of LG Optimus One via the link.


  1. We were here at 11:30am to find the line wrapped from the LG kiosk out of Cyberzone, down (from the 4th floor) all they way to the basement, then back up to the 5th floor, then wrapped around over to another stairwell and down one more floor. Its crazy. there is no way they have enough phone here for everyone. Especially when they are taking 5-10 mins for each phone sold to do photo ops. They need to do better forecasting on expected # of sales.

  2. Yesterday a friend of mine went to lg at megamall. and she was informed that the line will start only a few minutes before 2pm. so there is not sense to fall in line when the mall opens. they will hand out stubs or number by 2pm.

    but today, a friend of mine was in megamall by 10am. she has a check at philcare. she passed by the lg shop and there is already a line. nobody is telling those people that the line will start a few minutes before 2pm. so she asked the lg representatives. and they told her that they had no choice but to let them fall in line. what kind of system is that.

    ednug is right. it's like somebody is giving away 1m pesos between 2 to 3pm. too many people for 1 hour. and there is no system. according to my friend. around 1:30 pm, lg gave out stubs and already cut the line. the people far back in the line did not know that. can you imagine what happened? chaos. anger. hay! she left megamall and did not even try.

    she's disappointed not in because she was not able to buy. but because of the crappy system / execution of the sale. hay!

  3. I was at megamall as early as 7am to have an APE check-up. I am aware that there`s 2-3pm sale at LG.But I was also informed that the line will start at exactly 2pm,so there`s no use to fall in line as early as 9am?????DUHHH...after my APE, 10am...I went to LG but OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the lines were cut into pieces...one at the front of LG, one at the hallway opposite the LG, then the others are in STAIRWAYS form 4th to basement to 5th..its never ending.....HOW COULD YOU LG DO THIS????? no conscience???? in AN HOUR..can you accommodate ALL of them???? I HATE HATE HATE YOU LG!!!!

  4. crappy sales lady is a delaying tactics

  5. the sale was fucked up. they wasted the time of hundreds of people. kung maaga pa lang sinabi nila hindi maaccomodate ang tao edi walang naghintay at natanggap ng mga tao. this was purely a marketing stunt that failed kasi ang dami ng galit sa LG

  6. I filed a complaint with the Dept of Trade and Industry. I suggest you all do the same to teach LG and Ogilvy and all companies that we won't take crap like this sitting down. Here's the link to the DTI complaint webpage: http://www.dtincr.ph/cpapp/index.php

  7. I think there was less than 10% happy customers last sunday...
    In megamall, I'd say about 1000 people showed up for the LG sale, but only 20 or 30 were sold. 2 or 3% lang ang happy. 97% are angry and frustrated.


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