Develop Applications for Nokia Phones : Kenny Mathers, Nokia Head of Developer Relations, Answers Top Developer Questions

Last month, TechPinas got the chance to interview Nokia's Head of Developer Relations, Kenny Mathers, and we asked him a few questions about Ovi Store and the prospects and benefits of developing applications for Nokia smartphones.

develop apps for nokia
Develop Apps for the gorgeous Nokia N8!

If you're an app developer thinking about which platform to focus your work on, then I highly suggest you watch our interview with Kenny --

Based on the interview, here are the top reasons for creating apps for Nokia --

1. Nokia is #1!
Nokia smartphones are the best selling smartphones in the world! And the company is looking at shipping 50 million Symbian^3 devices -- and that's just Symbian^3! How about MeeGo? Imagine if your app becomes successful. You'd be an instant multi-millionaire!

2. It's Future Proof!
Qt-made apps will be compatible with future Nokia devices. And when MeeGo finally arrives, Qt apps for Symbian^3 will be very easy to port over.

3. It's Easy!
Using Qt, Qt Quick or HTML 5, developing apps for Nokia smartphones has never been easier. In fact, even high school students can do it. With a 70% code reduction, you get more time to improve your existing apps and even create new ones altogether!

4. Nokia will help you promote it!
After you upload your app in Ovi Store, Nokia will you create you create banners and other campaign materials to promote your application. Even if you just used AppWizard to create an app with your online content, you will also enjoy this benefit.

5. Ovi Store is Growing Bigger and Bigger by the Day!
Did you know that around 200,000 new accounts are opened on Ovi Store per day? That's 200,000 new potential buyers for your application on any given day.

That's just 5 reasons. I'm sure you'll discover more after you upload your first app on Ovi.

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