Win Latest ThinkPad Laptop by Showing Your Oldest Working ThinkPad

Too bad my ThinkPad Z61M Titanium Edition (whom I named 'Phelps' as I bought it during the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics - yes, weird as it may seem, I name my gadgets) is still rather 'updated'.

Fellow ThinkPad fans, check this out --

Quoting Lenovo;

Are you a Lenovo ThinkPad owner? Then here’s something for you and 60 million other ThinkPad owners like you to cheer about.

We’re celebrating the 18th birthday of ThinkPad starting this October – that’s 18 years of innovation – and we’d like you to celebrate with us by joining this contest made exclusively for you.

Show us your OLDEST WORKING THINKPAD and tell us your most remarkable experience with it.

Read full contest mechanics via this link. This promo runs from November 8 up to December 7, 2010, so you still have time to join.

That T410 looks really hot. Oh, if only I own an older ThinkPad. :(

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