Huawei E5 Pocket Mifi : Portable Wifi Router - Out in the Philippines!

Huawei is finally bringing its innovative products to the Philippine market!

In line with its vision of providing people the opportunity to join the information age regardless of geography and social class, Huawei will officially launch its consumer products this November starting with the open-line Huawei E5 Pocket Mifi mobile wireless modem.

The Huawei E5 Pocket Mifi is a personal connection device and an ideal mobile broadband solution for Filipinos wanting portable, affordable, and high-speed wireless connectivity, anytime, anywhere.

huawei e5 pocket mifi

The E5 fits easily into a pocket or handbag, offering portable Wi-Fi wireless connectivity at one’s fingertips.

The new IP admin page now gives you access to all of the Mifi router’s features such as password settings, profile management, firewall, message sending, etc.

The E5 also functions as a network storage device equipped with a microSD card that can read up to 16GB which you can access through the admin page. The E5 has a built in rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of continued use or 100 hours of standby.

Simply turn on the E5 and you can enjoy immediate access to a mobile broadband network connection. The E5 gives you your very own Wi-Fi hotspot, wirelessly connecting to up to 5 various devices, such as notebooks, tablets, digital cameras, and game consoles.

The Huawei E5 is a more efficient and affordable internet connection solution for students in study groups, sales people on the run, or young professionals who don’t spend that much time at home or need on-demand internet connection.

It will be available for sale at P5,995.00 in retail shops soon and is exclusively distributed by Gcomm Business Corp. You may contact Gcomm Business Corp via (632) 659-0072 or

Huawei is a leader in providing next-generation telecommunication networks solutions around the world and its dedication to customer satisfaction extends through the whole image of the company from its quality of work, logo and brand name.

Huawei's logo is an extension of the company's core values:

The radiating shapes of the icon are focused on the bottom center and indicate Huawei's commitment to creating long-term value for our customers based on our customer-oriented strategy.

Vivacious and contemporary, the new logo indicates that Huawei will continue to provide
innovative, customized and competitive products and solutions for our customers with an
enterprising spirit, and jointly face the challenges and opportunities of the future together with our

Steady-and-sustainable growth
A confident and optimistic symbol, the new logo conveys a sense of maturity and steadiness in a
professional and international manner.

Adopting a graduated tone while keeping symmetrical, the new logo looks more natural and
compatible, and acts as a metaphor for Huawei's open-minded attitude and partnership strategy,
indicating that Huawei will maintain its healthy growth and create a harmonious business


  1. can you name any shop that sells this product? particularly the e585 model. also, i currently have a sun broadband prepaid with the usb modem. can i use its sim card in the mi-fi device? thanks.

  2. where can i buy the charger for this pocket wifi router? tnx...

  3. How long does it last? Does it have a car charger?

  4. do i still need to connect to globe/smart/sun unlimited surfing?


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