New Bandila with Karen Davila, Julius Babao and Ces Drilon Uses Facebook, Twitter, iPad and Macbook Pro to Engage Viewers

Tonight saw the initial broadcast of the freshest revamp of Bandila, ABS-CBN's late night news program.

I initially expected a mere addition of new anchors for a reformat but apparently, the real change was that the program now engages viewers more via social media.

Courtesy of Bandila, ABS-CBN Corporation

Utilizing the latest tech gadgets - that is, iPad for Karen Davila and Ces Drilon, and Macbook Pro for Julius Babao - Bandila's anchors get relevant real-time social media messages from viewers on Facebook and Twitter and announce them on air.

Courtesy of Bandila, ABS-CBN Corporation

Get involved! Follow Bandila on Twitter, Karen Davila on Twitter, Julius Babao on Twitter, Ces Drilon on Twitter and Bandila on Facebook and express your opinion and proactive messages regarding pressing issues in our country. Don't forget to add #bandila hashtag when posting your tweets and notes.

Finally, Philippine media is starting to truly harness the potential of social media and social networking. I can only hope that we reap the benefits the soonest.

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