Angie Ligot Facebook Page Halloween Photo Contest, On-Going! Are We Becoming Meaner Than 'Angie'?

As it turns out, someone has taken it upon himself to start a Facebook Page dedicated to the infamous Angie Ligot.

(Note however, that as of writing no one knows for sure if Angie is actually the one who posted THAT hideous Anti-Filipino Facebook status. TP is still waiting for Angie's official statement on this issue and we're also doing the best we can to get an exclusive interview with her.)

But whoever created the page didn't stop there. The page admin has just started The Angie Ligot Halloween Photo Contest, which will run from October 28 to November 2, 2011 --

Both the mechanics and the prizes remain unclear. But that obviously didn't stop people from submitting their 'entries'.

I think it's plain mean (more so when we think about the fact that we're not even sure if Angie is indeed responsible for that statement).

Are we becoming the monster that we're imagining 'Angie' to be?

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