BlackBerry PlayBook One Swipe to Wake-Up from Sleep or Standby Mode Frame Gesture : Quick Demo!

There are a lot of things to love about the BlackBerry PlayBook: Its no-nonsense-no-fuss design, its tank-like build, its fingerprint resistant back coating, its gorgeous QNX user interface, BlackBerry Bridge that lets users connect the PlayBook to BlackBerry Smartphones, the Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook app, among so many others.

blackberry playbook

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some of the key features of BlackBerry PlayBook that thoroughly impress me. I'll also post a few tutorial videos on how to navigate BBPB's user interface, how to launch and use applications and how to perform unique BBPB frame touch gestures.

To kick things off, I want to show you a BlackBerry PlayBook frame gesture that I really love. Here's One Swipe to Wake-up BBPB from Sleep or Standby Mode:

BBPB enters sleep mode after a certain period of idle time to conserve battery power. Users may also enter Standby Mode with 2 clicks to conserve power. To wake BBPB up, swipe from one side of the frame to the other is all that's needed. No need to press any hardware button!

This touch gesture is unique to BlackBerry PlayBook. It is so because BBPB is probably the only tablet out there with touch-sensitive frames! Yes, even the margins on the sides of BBPB's stunning display can detect touch input.

Can your tablet do that?

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