Do You Have Text Neck? Fix It Before It Becomes Worse!

Considering that the Philippines could very well be the Gadget Capital of the World - for the most obvious reasons, it wouldn't be hard to believe if a lot of Pinoys end up suffering from this malady.

text neck

It's called Text Neck.

Caused by hunching and curving of the body to type on a laptop, text on a cellphone, surf websites, watch videos on portable media players and play games on mobile gaming consoles, Text Neck is a hideous malady (and sometimes a skeletal deformity) that comes with the following debilitating physical symptoms:

text neck

"This is a global epidemic. It's starting younger and younger. There are more than six billion phones connected, and that's not counting the Kindles, iPads, tablets and all these devices we rely on daily," shares Dean L. Fishman, a chiropractor who practices at the Text Neck Institute in Florida. "Go outside, to a restaurant, the supermarket, a gym, the airport and notice the posture of almost everyone around you. You will see this everywhere, and now multiply that by every city in the world."

It's really alarming.

So how does one fix or prevent Text Neck?

The first thing you have to do is to check your posture. Don't bow down while texting or typing on your tablet or notebook. Look straight ahead and make sure your head is parallel to your collar bone. Also, pull your shoulder blades back and down from time to time while working with your gadgets.

text neck
It would really help to bring the phone up to your face while reading text messaging instead of bowing down.

Do this on a regular basis until it becomes part of the way you do things. Don't become a Text Neck victim! Correct your posture now!

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