Mario Maurer Arrives in the Philippines : 'Welcome to the Philippines' Greeting From Filipinos Becomes Worldwide Twitter Trending Topic!

The Philippines may not have the most beautiful and most advanced airports in the world but Filipinos sure know how to welcome a guest.

mario maurer

Following his arrival in the Philippines today for a movie role and an apparel endorsement, Thai superstar Mario Maurer was a greeted by a warm welcome not only from his Pinoy fans who patiently waited for him at the airport but also from millions of Filipinos in Twitter.

The volume of tweets mentioning "Welcome to the Philippines, Mario Maurer" was so overwhelming that the greeting instantly became a Worldwide Trending Topic in the hot social networking and short messaging site.

mario maurer philippines

Now, that's what you call Filipino Hospitality!

Welcome to the Philippines, Mario! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

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