New Smart Communications Logo Explained! Do You Like It?

By now, you're probably aware that Smart Communications has officially changed the design of its corporate logo from this: this:

If anything, the new one looks more youthful and perhaps less uptight, but what does it symbolize exactly?

Well, quoting Smart Communications,

The new Smart logo reflects the evolving digital lifestyle of Filipinos. Smart’s corporate name in blue remains, but its signature rays have been replaced with eight dots in various vibrant colors, to reflect the freedom and empowerment that Smart's broader range of products and services make possible.

I think it also represents Smart's increased effort to target a more youthful consumer-base by providing more sulit (hopefully) products and services that would allow them to stay connected online everywhere they go.

So do you like this design revamp or do you prefer the old logo?

I used to design logos for a living (Yes, there was a point in my life when I did that [I'm CircusLife of CrowdSpring! Proudly Pinoy!] -- albeit TP's logo doesn't particularly reflect that - or does it? Anyway. It's been years since I last created a paid logo design.) and I happen to think that the first one is a classic and quite a masterpiece. As for the new one, hmm, it looks hip and updated but I'm not sure if it's a design that Smart can use for an extended period (like the previous logo); It's more trendy than classic, I think.

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