Smart Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Giveaway : Pixel Galaxy Promo Mechanics!

Smart is giving away 12 units of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Yes, that big Android Honeycomb slate with suggested retail price of Php 30,000!) via the recently launched Pixel Galaxy Promo!

samsung galaxy tab 10.1

OK, so what's there to do?


Here are the mechanics:

Smart Pixel Galaxy Promo Raffle and Game Mechanics

How to Join:

1. User must allow the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 promo app to access their information.
2. After allowing the app to access their information, user will then be redirected to the promo microsite at
3. User is asked to provide personal details requested on the form in the microsite.

Required Fields are:
Mobile Number*
Home Address*
Non-Required Field: Telephone Number

4. After successfully providing their info, each registered contestant is given one (1) raffle entry and twenty (20) pixels to play the game.
5. Contestants also have the chance to win instant prizes by playing the Samsung Galaxy Tab game.

Determination of Winners: HOW TO WIN

There are 2 ways to win: Winning in the Grand Raffle and Playing the Game in the Microsite.

Winning the Grand Raffle

1. Contestants’ registered information is stored in a database for the electronic raffle.
2. After the promo period, two (2) winners will be picked randomly through an electronic raffle from all the registered contestants and each raffle winner will win one (1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
3. Contestants who win an instant prize through the game are still qualified to win in the grand raffle.

Winning the Samsung Galaxy Tab Game

1. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 game located in the microsite, contestants must select pixels to unlock to find the hidden instant prizes. There are a total of 1,024,000 pixels that can be unlocked, each pixel in the game may only be opened once.
2. As each pixel is unlocked, factoids about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Smart Communications are revealed.


- “The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 25 patents pending with the US Patent Office”
- “The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is made up of 7, 836 parts”
- “Smart Postpaid Plans are simply the BEST! Unlimited calls and texts for as low as P599 a month”

3. The user is then asked to click again anywhere in the game screen to find out whether they selected a winning or losing pixel.
4. If the user unlocks a winning pixel, they instantly win a prize.
5. Winners will then be notified via phone and email for further instructions on how to claim their prize.
6. The game is active as long as there are pixels left unopened, however once all the pixels are opened, the game ends.
7. There will only be a total of ten (10) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s and ten (10) Samsung E1080 handsets to be given out to the first twenty (20) users who successfully unlock the winning pixels hidden in the game.
8. Instant prize winners may only win once for the entire duration of the game. After unlocking a winning pixel (whether it unlocks a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, or a Samsung E1080), the user will not be able to play the game any further, regardless of remaining pixel credits.

Earning Additional Pixels Through Referrals:

1. Each user is assigned a unique coded URL which they may share with their friends. Every successful referral gives them five (5) extra pixels to open.
2. Remaining balance of unused pixel credits will be stored in the system should the user wish to continue to open their remaining pixels at a later time.

Promo Duration:

1. Promo duration is from September 21 – October 21, 2011.
The game will lock regardless of the remaining unopened pixels.
2. The raffle draw will be held on October 25, 2011, at the Havoc Digital Inc. office on the 2nd floor of the Casmer building, Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati City.

Procedure for Determination of Winners:

1. Users who register to the promo are given one (1) raffle entry for the grand raffle draw, to be held after the end of the promo period on October 25, 2011. Winners for the grand raffle are to be selected
through an electronic raffle draw.
2. The first twenty (20) users who play the game and successfully unlock the winning instant prize pixels will each win one of either ten (10) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s or one of ten (10) Samsung E1080 handsets.
3. If any of the winners are found to be under 18 years of age and/ or not a Filipino citizen, they are immediately disqualified from the contest.
4. Contestants who win more than one (1) instant prize by playing the game through multiple user accounts will only be awarded one prize. Instant prize winners can only win once by playing the game.
5. Instant prize winners still qualify for the grand raffle draw.

Procedure for Claiming of Prizes:

1. Winners will be telephoned via Smart’s special access # 7777 to confirm a date and time for pick-up of prize by Havoc Digital Inc.
2. Winners will also be sent an e-mail declaring the user as the winner.
3. Winners MUST present two (2) valid ID’s and the e-mail confirmation they received from Havoc Digital.
4. If a prize is not claimed within 2 months (60 days), the prize will be deemed forfeited.

List of Prizes:

12 units of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s (P 30,000/each)
10 units of Samsung E1080 (P 1,200/each)

I've joined na!

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