CarbTrim Iced Tea Blocks Carbohydrates, Helps You Lose Weight?

I think scientific breakthroughs are made possible by advancements in technology (or is it the other way around? Anyway.) so this definitely belongs in TP.

I was watching TV Patrol (or was it Pilipinas Got Talent? I forget.) earlier when I saw CarbTrim's TVC for the first time.


The TVC suggests that CarbTrim Iced Tea can help you lose weight by minimizing the absorption of carbohydrates. Now, I've seen and drunk Ice Tea brands that can claim to 'burn fat' or 'help flush fat away' but never one that actually blocks carbs.

So (considering that a lot of friends are telling me to cut down on my carb intake to lose my tummy fats) I did my research.

Apparently, CarbTrim - made by Unilab - contains white kidney bean extract that help minimize carbohydrate intake by up to 66%! And quoting Synergistic,

White kidney beans are useful to us as a way to lose weight because the beans contain a carbohydrate or starch blocker. White kidney bean extract blocks the action of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase plays a key role in the digestion of foods. As a digestive enzyme, alpha-amylase is required for the metabolism of starchy carbohydrates.This enzyme is responsible for breaking down starches into a form that can be absorbed in your gastrointestinal tract. By blocking the effect of the alpha-amylase enzyme white kidney bean extract will result in some starches passing through your system undigested. This results in less calorie absorption and is useful to help you quickly lose weight.

Hmm. Interesting. I wonder though how safe it is. Then again, it's Unilab -- and as I know, that brand has always been about safety. Still, it would be nice if the company can tell us more the product.

I just might try CarbTrim out. Who knows, maybe it can give me back my abs from college days (and that was a decade ago, hehe). Let's see.

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