Apple Philippines : Does the Cupertino Company Have a Local Office in Our Country?

I usually spend my weekends answering tech questions that my blog readers had sent me over the week via the TP Mailbox. Yes, that's how much I love my TP Friends.

This question that Aldrin D. emailed me last Thursday is pretty interesting (it actually got me talking to my friends in the tech industry to get the answer):

"Hi TP! Does Apple have an office in the Philippines?"

TP Answer:

Thanks for getting in touch with TP, Aldrin!

If you're talking about a full-fledged Apple office in the Philippines with various departments (sales, advertising, PR, marketing, etc.) similar to Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, or LG's local offices, nope, we do not have that.

I believe Apple Singapore handles the company's operations in the Philippines. (Note, however, that I have a few friends telling me that Apple has a sales and marketing team in the Philippines with an office in Global City in Taguig. I've yet to confirm this though.)

Nonetheless, Apple does have official retailers like Power Mac Center and Digital Hub, authorized service centers and an online store made specifically for consumers in the Philippines.

So there. Again, Apple Philippines is practically non-existent. (I'd love to be proven wrong though. I mean, the Philippines is the Gadget Capital of the World for the most obvious reasons and I think Apple should definitely consider opening an office here.)

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