Cheaper Text to All Networks Regular Rate, Coming Soon?!

Are you a fan of unlimited text-to-all offers that expire after 1 day or do you prefer paying a cheaper regular rate for every text message you send and getting the most out of your cash over an extended period?

If you lean towards the latter, then this news should put a smile on your face.

Caught this on GMA News TV earlier.

It appears NTC or National Telecommunications Commission has wrapped up talks with the country's leading network providers - Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular - on new and reduced interconnection (or making a transaction - sending SMS or making calls - from one network to another) text messaging rates. And according to insiders, the networks seem to support the proposal.

As it stands, the Philippines has the highest interconnection SMS rates in the whole of Asia Pacific (, which is odd considering that the Philippines is the undisputed Texting Capital of this Planet. This defies economies of scale!); Currently, networks pay an interconnection rate of 35 centavos to each other for every text message sent with end subscribers paying 1 peso per SMS. Given this and with pressure from consumer groups, NTC is proposing that there be an immediate reduction in the charges from the said amount to just 15 centavos.

This reduction in interconnection charges amongst network providers will definitely lead to cheaper SMS to all networks regular rate for consumers. But just by how much? As yet, that remains to be seen.

TP Friends, how much do you think should an SMS to another network cost?

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