Anti Angry Birds Bill is a Joke, Literally : Trends on Twitter and Yahoo Philippines, Nonetheless

Considering how borderline pointless some bills being filed in the Congress recently are, it's no wonder a lot of Pinoy netizens thought this satire is for real.

Quoting So What's News - where it all started,

After proposing House Bill 5316 or the [Anti-Planking Act of 2011], the lawmaker is proposing House Bill 5379 or the Anti-Angry Birds Bill.

The distinguished gentleman from Quezon City explained that he got the idea for the bill when he went shopping for Christmas gifts the other day at a mall. "Everywhere I looked, Angry Birds this, Angry Birds that! Where is the product diversity? Shouldn’t the DTI be monitoring this?" said Castelo. He added "…this is why this bill is even more important than my own anti-planking bill. I hope that my colleagues here at Batasan will support this bill."

Because - sadly - it now doesn't seem to be all too far-fetched, quite a number of Pinoy tweeps fell for the joke and altogether made 'Anti-Angry Birds Bill' a bonafide trending topic on Twitter with a massive volume of tweets criticizing it:

anti angry birds bill

Meanwhile, the same keyword has just achieved top trending status on Yahoo Search Philippines:

anti angry birds bill

Oh well.

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