Beware of 'Jammers' or Gadget Bullies! New Modus Operandi, Exposed!

Whatever you do, don't fall as prey to the Jammers.

Caught this on GMA News TV yesterday.

Targeting practically anyone (often those who are 'rakista' looking) they see holding gadgets on the streets, Jammers are a group of 3-5 (or even more) criminals who bully their way to their victim's gizmos.

The hideous modus operandi goes like this:

1. Jammers spot their target holding a gadget.

2. Jammers approach the target as a group.

3. Jammers accuse the target of hurting someone they know.

4. Target pleads innocence.

5. Jammers take the target to a desolate location.

6. Jammers start bullying - even physically hurting - the target.

7. Jammers tell the target to give them his or her gadget.

What to do to avoid Jammers?

1. Avoid walking alone in scary places.

2. Be aware of the things happening around you.

3. Avoid entering streets with a lot of suspicious looking people.

4. Don't flaunt your gadgets in public places.

5. Don't be too trusting of strangers.

There. Let your friends know.

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