Increase Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S2 in 5 Easy Steps or Get a Permanent Solution

I got this inquiry from Edwin R. of Cagayan de Oro last Saturday,
"[TP, how can I increase uptime of my Samsung Galaxy S2?]"

samsung galaxy s2
Samsung Galaxy S2 in the flesh.

TP Answer:

Hi Edwin! Thanks for the email!

Actually the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2 is already quite decent. I get around a whole day on Wifi without having to recharge.

But if you're serious about extending its uptime, here are five things you can do:

1. Turn off Background Data - Go to Settings, Accounts & Sync, Uncheck Background Data

2. Set Display Brightness to Zero - Go to Settings, Display, Brightness, Slide the bar to lowest setting

3. Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data - Go to Settings, Wireless & Networks, Uncheck Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Network

4. Turn off Animations - Go to Settings, Display, Animation, Choose No Animations

5. Turn off Vibrate Feedback and Touch Tones - Go to Settings, Sound, Uncheck Vibrate box, Slide-down, Uncheck Audible Touch Tones, Uncheck Vibrate Feedback box.

Alternatively or if you want a more permanent solution (without sacrificing connectivity and screen brightness), you might want to get a Mugen Extended Battery Pack for the phone - just search for batteries specifically made for SGS2. I think the 3200 mAh pack will keep your phone up for up to 2 days straight on 3G. Not bad, eh?

mugen battery

I'm using Mugen Battery on some of my Android handsets and so far, I haven't experienced any problems. (Still, try at your own risk.) Sure, it will make your phone a tad more bulky but then, you also get that much needed extended uptime. Check it out.

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