Christopher Lao Stars in BPI Auto Loans Viral Online Video! Bounces Back From Falling Victim to Cyber-Bullying!

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Remember Christopher Lao? The UP Law student who achieved online infamy way back in August, at the wake of Typhoon Kabayan?

Quoting TP (in our Christopher Lao : 'The Guy Who Wasn't Informed' coverage):

In an act that baffled and perhaps shocked everyone who witnessed it, Christopher bravely drove his car to what appeared to be waist-high floods. And as the laws of Physics - specifically those related to Bouyancy and Properties of Water - would have it, his sedan (which turned out to be not amphibious after all) fell victim to the waters.

But it isn't so much this misfortune that got everyone talking about Christopher. It's the things he said as soon as he got out of his flood-soaked car that made him the online-sensation he now is. [...]

Apparently (or at least, as how GMA reported it to be), Christopher blames MMDA and everyone in sight during the incident for his own mistake. He even said at one point that he 'wasn't informed' of the floods -- even if the water level was already too high not to be obvious.

Back then, Christopher fell victim to cyber-bullying with thousands of people on Facebook calling him downright bobo and tanga, and several other thousands on Twitter slamming him for blaming other people for his own 'shortcomings'.

Following the incident, Christopher released an official statement, which we also published on TP:

The past few days have been very disheartening for me and my family. As you know I have been a subject of a viral video that showed my helplessness during a trying moment. As it stands right now, I have several hate pages in Facebook and Twitter with hurtful and derogatory messages attacking my person. The reputation that I built the past years has been besmirched. [...]

After that, interest in Christopher Lao in social networking sites slowly subsided until almost no one, except for the admins of his Facebook hate pages and perhaps his closest friend, mentioned his infamous name online.

Until today...

Christopher Lao is Back, Better than Ever!

Sporting a new hairstyle and probably the same tight-fitting white shirt he wore during the flood mishap, Christopher emerges from his seeming cocoon -- this time not as a victim of circumstances and cyber-bullying but as THE star in BPI Auto Loans Viral Video!

Watch it here FIRST!

TP Message: "Oh, Christopher! You are a living proof that we all can make it through the rain."

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