BlackBerry Tag : NFC-Powered Tap Sharing for BlackBerry 7 Smartphones!

"BlackBerry Tag is an exciting and innovative feature that makes sharing contact information and multimedia content effortless and seamless," shares Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO at Research In Motion.

blackberry tag
BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes with NFC Technology.

BlackBerry Tag, which takes advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology included in the recently released BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphones, will allow users to share contact information, URLs, photos, documents, and other multimedia content by simply tapping their BlackBerry smartphones together. BB Tag will also enable friends to instantly add one another as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) contacts.

RIM has also announced plans to release BlackBerry Tag through APIs on the BlackBerry platform, allowing developers to take advantage of "tap to share" functionality from within their own apps.

TP Thoughts:

NFC support is slowly becoming a selling point for newer smartphones. Right now however, I think the technology is still in its infancy stage - yes, after all these years - with its use limited to gadget-to-gadget interactions.

I can't wait to see other industries and institutions take advantage of the technology. Heck, our transport sector and even our education system could really benefit from NFC. Then again, of course, as it is, those institutions have other more pressing issues to worry about and attend to than adopting a new technology.


I'm looking forward to trying out BlackBerry Tag. Aren't you?

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