Angie Ligot : The New Christopher Lao? Regrets Being a Filipino? But Did She Really Say It?

Considering what Angie Ligot had 'supposedly' just written on Facebook, it's no surprise that she's now getting nothing but Christopher-Lao-Level ire and belligerence from a lot of Pinoys in that popular social networking site.

Rough translation: "I regret being a Filipino. I hate [being in] the Philippines! The people are ugly! Everyone's dark-skinned! Everyone's flat-nosed! Eye-sores! Our representative, [Shamcey] Supsup, her last name is ugly and she doesn't look like a Filipino! She looks gay! ****! I hope I can leave this place, ****!"

TP Thoughts:

1. Being severely nationalistic, I have to admit that my heart was instantly engulfed with anger the first time I read what this Angie Ligot supposedly posted. I wanted to write a comment and slam her right back. But then, I asked myself, "First off, did she really write it? Maybe her account got hacked. Or maybe someone is just trying to 'besmirch' her name online."

TP Message: "Angie, if you're reading this, did you really write that line? If you actually did, shame on you! But if you didn't, email me at mark[at]techpinas[dot]com and let's publish your official statement on this obvious attempt to dirty up your name."

2. How you see the Philippines and its people is but a reflection of yourself. If you think the Philippines and Filipinos are ugly, for sure, it's only because you are ugly.

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