Nokia Lumia 800 Price, 420 Euros! Photos, Specifications!

Officially announced today in Nokia World 2011, Nokia Lumia 800 is the Finnish company's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

The stunning Nokia Lumia 800, which comes in 3 vivid colors - Cyan, Magenta and Black, features head-turning design and the best social and web-browsing performance, with one-touch social network access, easy grouping of contacts, integrated communication threads and Internet Explorer 9.

The smartphone flaunts a 3.7-inch AMOLED ClearBlack curved display blending seamlessly into unibody case, and runs Windows Phone 7 Mango with its 1.4 GHz processor with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor. The Nokia Lumia 800 contains an instant-share 8 MegaPixel camera experience based on the industry-leading Carl Zeiss optics. Also, the phone comes with HD video playback, 16GB of internal user memory and 25GB SkyDrive storage for storing images and music cloud storage. The estimated retail price for Nokia Lumia 800 is approximately 420 EUR or roughly Php 25,250 with current conversion, excluding taxes and subsidies.

Nokia Lumia 800 is now available in select countries for pre-order and is scheduled to roll-out across Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, and the UK in November. The handset is scheduled to be available in India, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan before the end of the year, and in in early 2012 for other markets.

TP Friends, we currently have Nokia N9 in our TP Hideout, which makes me all the more excited to receive a Nokia Lumia 800 unit. You all know I love comparing phones -- especially when they look almost 100% alike - on the outside, at least.

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