Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It Prepaid Dongle Price and Unboxing : What Comes in the Box?!

Earlier this week, Smart Communications sent me THIS for review:

smart bro rocket plug-it

smart bro rocket plug-it

It's their Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It Prepaid Dongle.

So what's hot about this broadband stick? What sets it apart from all others? Well, according to Smart, it runs under 4G HSPA+ connection with speeds of up to 12 mbps, which is supposed to be the fastest in mobile prepaid broadband today. So far, Smart already has 653 HSPA+ sites nationwide -- so I guess I shouldn't find it hard to look for a spot to test if it really delivers 4G speeds. And you know how it is here in TP; We tell it like it is.

Anyway, before I give you my full review, here are a few photos of the Rocket Plug-It dongle as well as the other stuff that are in the box.

smart bro rocket plug-it

smart bro rocket plug-it
It has a 'slide to open' case.

smart bro rocket plug-it
Holding it -- just to give you an idea of its actual size.

smart bro rocket plug-it
The package comes with a Smart Bro SIM...

smart bro rocket plug-it
and User Guide

smart bro rocket plug-it

So there. You can get this plug-it for just a onetime free of Php 3,995. Then you just need to pay Php 10 per 30 minutes of 4G connection.

More about this on TP soon. I'll visit two HSPA+ sites and test if the dongle will give me the promised 4G speeds.

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