Angry Birds Cake : Not a Myth! Where To Order One?

Last month, a friend told me that he saw an Angry Birds Cake at a birthday party. He said that since TP is more lifestyle tech than hardcore geekery, maybe it's something I could feature on the site.

Now, I've seen Angry Birds plush toys, tumblers, slippers, notebooks and pens. But an Angry Birds CAKE?! That's new. "You must be kidding me," I told him. "But if it really exists, I'd have to see a store selling it in the Philippines first before I talk about it on TP."

Well, today I finally saw one.

One of the cakes that pastry-lovers can order from Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss Home Kitchen located in Casa Nueva, 15 Manga Road, New Manila, Quezon City is an 8-Inch Angry Birds Cake

angry birds cake
Yes, it exists. This one's more Angry Birds Seasons inspired. I want one!

The store describes the cake as "creatively decorated, made from gourmet ingredients and is made to order to keep every one fresh and delectable." Sounds ya-mee.

Established many years ago in the picturesque city of Quezon City, pastry chef Mitchelle Moreno is an artisan bakery and champion of traditional recipes, offering only the most delicious tastes in town. While freshly baked wares cannot yet be transmitted via email, cake connoissers can simply order through the phone via (02) 722 0862.

Thinking about order one? Here's a great news: The regular price of the Angry Birds cake is Php 1000 but if you get it via MetroDeal (that is, within their discount period), you get a whopping 50% OFF bringing the price down to just Php 500! Isn't that amazing?! The promo will expire in a little more than 24 hours. So what are you waiting for? Without ado, order your Angry Birds Cake HERE.

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