How to Get Old Facebook Back? It's Possible - But There's a Catch!

Following Facebook's recent site revamp, my inbox got flooded with emails on how to get the old FB back -- at least the one that doesn't have the Ticker Box and the merged News Feed.

One TP Friend asked, "I want to get my old News Feed back! Is it even possible?"

Well, in the service of my TP Friends and at the risk of pissing Facebook off, I'll say, "Yes, it's possible. And here's how you do it."

1. Go to your FB Account Settings:

old facebook

2. Click on Language Edit button and choose Filipino in the drop-down menu:

old facebook

3. Save Changes and Refresh the Page.

Obviously, the catch is you'd get Facebook in Filipino, which - come to think of it - could be a good thing for a lot of Pinoys, especially those who aren't even all that familiar with their own language.

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