TechPinas Gadget Bonanza Thanksgiving Edition : Nokia E7 and Nokia C7 on Symbian Anna Giveaway Mechanics!

Like what I always say: Here in TechPinas, Gratitude is a word that we cherish.

TP Friends, with God's blessing, you made me Globe's First-ever Tech Junkie...


You are the reason for the continuous and steady growth of our TechPinas online community in Facebook and Twitter.

TechPinas unique viewership is an all-time high because of all of you.

I thank you for your kindness in supporting me and my blog. Thank you for sharing TechPinas with your friends and loved ones. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

And to give my gratitude a face, a form - if you may - that you can actually experience, I present to you...

TechPinas Gadget Bonanza Thanksgiving Edition

UPDATE as of October 18, 2011 - 11:59:59 PM

We've just wrapped up submission of entries phase for TPGBTE. Thanks to all TP Friends who joined! And thanks to NOKIA for sponsoring our Gadget Bonanza Thanksgiving Edition. :) As promised, all valid entries will get a raffle entry before our draw on October 23, 2011. We'll do an electronic raffle (random number picker) in the afternoon of October 23, 2011. Stay tuned for updates. God bless you all! - Mark of TP

Background: I got in touch with our dear friends from Nokia a few weeks back and told them of my desire to launch a new TPGB as a sign of gratitude to my TP Friends. And I got a wonderful response -- as always. They told me they'd be willing to give me a number of phones to giveaway. So let me say, "Thank you so much Nokia! Thank you, Nikka! You guys are the best!"

To DTI and everyone concerned: Note that I'm not being paid to hold this Gadget Bonanza. I'm not even getting a single free phone from it. I'm giving everything to my TP Friends.

Here are the mechanics (please make sure you follow them):

1. All you have to do is to leave a comment (via Disqus comment form below, please refresh page if it doesn't show up) on this promo blogpost (this same page) answering the question: "Which new feature or features that you can get with Symbian Anna do you like the most? Smooth Scrolling on Homescreen, Improved Mail and Maps, Portrait Virtual Keyboard, Squarecle Icons or Improved Browser?"

2. Your answer should be in this form: "Symbian Anna's _____ is/are the feature/s I like the most!" example, "Symbian Anna's Improved Browser and Squarecle Icons are the features I like the most!" Only entries written in this form will be considered valid. Each statement is equal to one valid entry only.

Do not post your entry as a reply to other entries. Create a new comment and post your entry there. Entries posted as reply to other submissions will not be considered valid.

3. Make sure your entry contains your full name, you may also leave a comment below using your Facebook account (Disqus comment form allows you to log-in using your Facebook account), provided that your Facebook account shows your full name.

4. You may submit a maximum of two entries per contest week. But each submission per week must be unique; That is, your first submission should be different from your second entry.

We have a total of 5 contest 'weeks':

Week#1 - September 23 to September 25 (3 days)
Week#2 - September 26 to October 2
Week#3 - October 3 to October 9
Week#4 - October 10 to October 16
Week#5 - October 17 to October 18 (2 days)

Note that ALL winners will be picked on October 23, 2011 (Revised on October 19, as per consultation with TP Community on Facebook). Winners will NOT be picked per week. We listed down the weeks so you know when to submit your entries.

5. Each valid entry will be given one raffle number. The raffle number comes in the form of whole numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...) TechPinas will reply to all valid entries with a raffle number using the same Disqus comment form.

All valid entries will be given a raffle number before October 23, 2011. Again, please make sure you're submitting a valid entry. Please follow the mechanics to have peace of mind.

6. Winners will be chosen one at a time via online raffle using I'll pick the 3 consolation prize winners first (Nokia 101), then the Nokia C7 Symbian Anna Winner, and finally the Nokia E7 Symbian Anna Winner! I will do a livestream of the picking of winners, the link will be posted on TechPinas Community Page on Facebook right before the draw.

7. The top prize will be an aluminum-clad business slider Nokia E7 running Symbian Anna, followed by Fashionista Smartphone Nokia C7 running Symbian Anna. There will also be several consolation prizes from Nokia, specifically - 3 Units of Nokia 101 Dual SIM Phone. All in all, there will be 5 Winners. Each TP Friend may only win once, favoring the higher prize. So for example, if your name gets picked for Nokia C7 and you get chosen again for Nokia E7, you will take home the higher prize, which in this case is Nokia E7.

nokia e7 symbian anna

8. The contest will run from September 23 to October 18.

9. The contest is open to all TP readers worldwide but winners, which will be announced on October 20, must find a way to pick up their prizes in Makati City, Philippines.

10. TP reserves the right to edit the mechanics at any point in the competition.

There you go, TP Friends! Join now!

God bless you and again, thank you so much!

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