Bangladesh Beats Philippines in Interest in Keyword 'Sex Scandal', Finally!

This is a defeat we all should celebrate!

Based on online search data gathered by Google Insights for Search from January to September 2011, the Philippines has already lost the title as the country with most interest in the keyword 'sex scandal' to another Asian nation, Bangladesh:

sex scandal
We held that title for seven straight years -- that's from 2004 to 2010. Clearly, we've got nothing left to prove in that department so we should just graciously accept this defeat and hand over the title to Bangladesh, alright?

We still have four months before 2011 comes to a close. Let's hope there won't be any new sex scandal to rekindle the nation's interest in the keyword and make us regain the lead.

PS: Fine. We're still in the lead in 'sex scandals' (that's with an S -- the plural form). But don't you think THIS is already a giant leap forward?

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