Nokia X2-01 Philippines Price Update : What's Hot About This Phone?

In the service of my TP Friends, I walked around the mall earlier to ask about and list down the current price tags of some of this year's most popular handsets.

One of which, of course, is the best-seller Nokia X2-01 --

nokia x2-01

The current price range of this student-and-yuppy-favorite QWERTY phone is Php 3,500 to Php 4,000, depending on the store offering it. (Needless to say, when you're buying a phone, don't just look at the price tag; Make sure you're getting complete accessories with 1-year warranty.)

So what's hot about Nokia X2-01?

nokia x2-01
Yes, I've played with this phone. And being familiar with its strengths, I completely understand why it became the hit that it is today.

I think the main selling point of Nokia X2-01 is that if offers great value for money. Imagine, for just Php 4,000, you get a phone that's built like a tank, has a QWERTY keyboard that's a joy to use, comes with an OS that's simple, familiar and easy to navigate, has a camera, and flaunts a big speaker. It really gives more than what you pay for and that I really appreciate.

One downside though is that it doesn't support Wifi (something that you get with the slightly more expensive Nokia C3). Then again, the good news is that Globe, Smart and Sun are now offering affordable mobile internet packages that you can use with Nokia X2-01. So if you don't really have a Wifi network at home or if you're always on the road - but you still want to always be connected to the net, I believe Nokia X2-01 should be ideal for you.