Facebook News Feed : Revamped! FB Users Want Their Old News Feed Back!

Perfectly coinciding with Google+'s public launch, Facebook today shocked all FB users by shoving a revamped News Feed layout down their throats with nary an option to revert back to the old interface whatsoever.

facebook news feed

The new layout introduces a slew of new features including a merged News Feed and Recent Updates interface, Top Stories tab and all the options that go with it, and Ticker, which is basically a box that shows real-time posts.

While Facebook engineers and their friends are hopeful (or make that 'rather convinced') that the supposed 'improvements' done on the News Feed would make conversations in FB more lively, a lot of Facebook users seem to be having no second thoughts in expressing their utter dismay with the changes that they now have to live with:

facebook news feed

Read more comments by downright Angry FB Users HERE.

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