LG Optimus Black Camera Sample Photos 5 MegaPixels Automatic Settings

I'm receiving a lot of inquiries with regard to the quality of photos taken using LG Optimus Black's 5 MegaPixel Back Facing Autofocus Camera with LED Flash.

(Just so you know, the Optimus Black also has a 2MP front-facing camera that I use for quick profile shots or even as a mirror to check how I look like before entering a boardroom.)

Since some of my dear readers are already accusing me of being biased or siding with LG by promoting the Korean company's top Android phones blindly, for this particular post, I'm just letting the photos speak for themselves.

NOTE: All photos were taken using Automatic Settings. This set comes with Portrait, Macro and Landscape shots (click photo for full resolution view) --

So what do you think, TP Friends?

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