DTI Blogger Permit for Online Giveaways Guidelines Update

This topic still irritates me like nothing. But since I'm always doing my best to be a good citizen of this great nation (naks), it's something I can't ignore. Yes, we all should abide by the rules and regulations set by all offices of the government.

That said, quoting this site, here are the latest guidelines as regards acquiring DTI Permit for Online Giveaways:

[...] Until November 4, 2011 the following limit applies for bloggers running online promotion (as agreed last August 4, 2011 during the DTI discussion with bloggers).

  • For personal bloggers with self-purchased incentives or tokens for online promotions (discount, raffle, contest, games, premium, redemption), for as long as the annual value given out is less than 1 million pesos, no DTI Permit necessary.
  • For sponsored incentives or tokens for online promotions, for as long as the annual value received and then in turn given out by the blogger is no more than two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000), no DTI Permit necessary.
  • Individuals and Bloggers are expected to be clear in their online promotion mechanics and clearly stated on their website or blog.
  • If the blogger got specifically chosen by a brand or agency to carry out an online promotion and received payment for doing such, DTI Permit is necessary and the blogger shall be the one to apply.
  • If the blogger collects payment from participants as part of its sales promotion, DTI permit is necessary.
  • It doesn't cover worldwide contest.
  • The limits DTI stated is only good for the DTI Sales Promotion Permit. Requirements of other government agencies are not included herein.

So why are we revisiting this topic? Well, like what I posted on TechPinas' Facebook Community Page, TP is cooking another TPGB; TechPinas Gadget Bonanza Thanksgiving Edition, to be exact. And we want to do it properly -- that is, following all the new rules of DTI as regards online giveaways. That's the only way to do it, TP Friends.

The great news is that, off hand - based on the above-mentioned guidelines, I don't think we'll have to acquire a DTI Permit for TPGBTE. Now, isn't that relieving?

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