New Modus Operandi Targets Students with Gadgets in Malls! Beware!

Caught this on TV Patrol just a while ago.

Criminals are now dressing up and acting like students and targeting real students with gadgets inside malls.

modus operandi

The modus operandi goes like this:

1. A group of criminals dressed like students or presenting themselves as such approaches the target, a student whose bag appears to have a gadget - a laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet - inside it.

2. The criminals tell the target that they need help from other students for a signature campaign.

3. Criminals convince the target to go with them to a nearby restaurant and give the target a fake signature campaign form.

4. Target signs the fake form and returns it to criminals.

5. Criminals tell the target that they need to transfer to another location to sign another fake form but all bags - for no logical reason whatsoever - must be left behind.

6. Target leaves bag with gadget inside it in the restaurant and goes with the criminals to the new location.

7. Accomplice gets bag of the target.

8. Target returns to the restaurant only to find that his or her bag is no longer there.

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TP Thoughts:

Two shooting incidents then this. TP Friends, do you think people are still safe inside malls?

Anyway, here's my TP TIP: Don't be too trusting of strangers. And never leave your bag out of your sight.

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