Happy Birthday Mama Mary, Say Pinoys on Twitter!

If there's anything the whole world needs to know about the Philippines - aside from our country being the social networking capital of this planet and the land of unquestionably beautiful people - it is that we - as a nation - love Mama Mary.

mama mary
We run to her when we are going through our trials and tribulations and we thank her for all of our triumphs. She is our guiding light, a shining beacon. The mother of our Saviour.

And it is heartening to know that Filipinos' social media experience likewise reflects this love for Mama Mary; More so, today - September 8, her birthday. Today, almost every Pinoy on Twitter (millions strong, mind you) tweeted 'Happy Birthday Mama Mary', more than enough to make the sincere greeting the true or natural top trending topic in the Philippines:

happy birthday mama mary
This is a wonderful manifestation of our love for Mama Mary -- but I'm sure our love for her goes far beyond this. We love her beyond Twitter, beyond social media, beyond the internet.

Here are a few tweets from Pinoys greeting Mama Mary a Happy Birthday:

Again, Happy Birthday Mama Mary! We love you and thank you for everything!

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