Floyd Mayweather is Not Just A Cheater, He is a Traitor : Youtube Video Suggests So

Floyd Mayweather may have knocked out Victor Ortiz in their bout earlier today, but clearly the crowd knows who actually won the fight.

floyd mayweather vs victor ortiz

If the Youtube video below were to be taken as evidence, I guess one can conclude that Mayweather got the W only because he cheated by stealing a punch on the all too trusting Victor Ortiz. The sly attack came just after the two boxers had supposedly hugged in the middle of the ring after Ortiz gave Mayweather what could have been an accidental headbutt. As the two separated, Mayweather - like a true traitor - gave a treacherous right hand putting Ortiz on the canvas.

Such an empty victory, if you ask me. What a shame.

PS: I really don't think Manny Pacquiao should even fight Mayweather and give him the honor of facing a true hall of famer in the ring. He doesn't deserve to receive even one punch from a respected living legend like Pacquiao. They are obviously not on the same level.

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