Shamcey Supsup : 3rd Runner Up, Miss Universe 2011! Filipinos Online Rally Behind Her!

This just goes to show how beautiful and lovely all Filipinas are. (So if you have a Filipina in your life, make sure you treat her right.)

shamcey supsup

Out of 89 candidates to this year's Miss Universe pageant held in Sao Paulo Brazil, the Philippines' bet - the gorgeous and smart, Miss Shamcey Supsup - became 3rd runner-up or the fourth most beautiful woman in the planet, as it stands. (Note that this is the second consecutive year that the Philippines made it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe. Last year, Miss Philippines Venus Raj had a Major Major 4th runner up finish.)

Prior to the coronation night, Shamcey led various online polls asking the crowd who they think should become Miss Universe. During the competition, our bet continued to wow the public and garnered top scores from TV viewers across the planet.

Top Twitter Trending Topic

Proudly expressing their support for Shamcey and their pride in the Philippines, Pinoys Tweeps were able to make "Go Philippines" the natural or non-sponsored top trending topic on Twitter while Shamcey was giving her all on the Credicard Hall stage to bag the crown:

"If the person loves me, he should love my God too."

As expected, one of the highlights of this year's pageant was the Top 5 question and answer portion.

Shamcey picked the American actress, Miss Vivica A. Fox, to give her the final question. Vivica asked Shamcey, "Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?"

Watch this video for Miss Philippines' stunning and impassioned answer:

From the TP Team: "Congratulations, Shamcey! :) You have nothing to be shy about! 4th most beautiful woman on this planet? Not so bad! :D Filipinas are truly beautiful and amazing! God bless you, Shamcey! You make all Filipinos proud!"

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