MyPhone vs. Cherry Mobile vs. Torque : Which Local Handset Distributor Offers The Best Phones? TP Asks The Crowd!

Considering the cheap price tags of their handsets and the sheer popularity of their celebrity endorsers (MyPhone has Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo, Cherry Mobile has John Lloyd Cruz and Robin Padilla, and Torque has Luis Manzano), it's no wonder these local mobile phone brands are now getting a decent following.


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All three companies have phones priced much lower than the cheapest handsets of their multinational counterparts like Nokia and Samsung. One handset from Cherry Mobile, for example, has a regular price tag of only Php 649, which is at least Php 300 more affordable than the handset that's at the bottom of Samsung's product tree - on sale. But really, it's the apparent value for money that's seemingly common among the products of these three; For instance, all have phones priced at only Php 1,999 featuring Analog TV, dual SIM support, flashlight, camera, FM radio and MP3 player.

Given their largely similar profiles, I think it's but natural for consumers to ask, "Which of the three offers the best phones and gives the most value for money?" In fact, I get several related queries in the TP Mailbox almost every day. Unfortunately though, given my lack of experience with handsets from MyPhone, Cherry Mobile and Torque, I couldn't really give a decent answer to these inquiries.

So again, in the service of my readers - especially those who bother to email me and send me their tech questions - last weekend, I threw a similar question to my TP Friends on Facebook. I'm sure some of them know more than I do when it comes to this topic as a lot of them are quite techie too. Here are some of their answers:

TP Asks the Crowd: "MyPhone vs. Cherry Mobile vs. Torque : Which local phone distributor offers the best phones?"

"I'll choose MyPhone. Mas mukhang original designs nila. :)"
- Rem Tiangco

"Torque kasi may Wifi capabilities yung ibang handsets.. saka mala-chinaphone din yung MyPhone at Cherry Mobile."
- Archer Sison

"Cherry mobile.... Android phones dami na sila."
- Emzee Nozir

"Para sakin MyPhone, using B23 Duo as my secondary phone. Since last year wala pa ako nararanasang problems."
- Joseph Darwin Co

"None of the above."
- Edwin Nacino

"MyPhone for me. First phone pa lang, tibay and never failed me for the whole year plus that I had it. Cherry Mobile, ala pang 6 mos, lobo na battery. And you often hear that as the problem. Torque, ala pa ako nasusubukan nun eh."
- Benedict Manning

"Yung myphone ko nga Dual Sim nasira ung dedicated mic nya di ako marinig ng kausap ko sa kabilang line, need ko mag headset pa."
- Raffy Navales

"Sa tatlong yan, Cherry Mobile ako."
- Jamille Atchico

"Yung kapitbhay namin 3 mos lang, sira na agad Cherry Mobile nya."
- Mari Nel

"They have one thing in common. China Phone Technology."
- Marvin Dimabuyu

"They have another thing in common. Bad aftersales service. Lawl."
- Albert Wesker

"Cherry innovates faster than the two. But durability, it's MyPhone."
- Quenie Sevilla

"Myphone, matibay eh maganda build. Cherry madali masira lalo na battery. Torque mukhang chinaphone"
- Den Sean Ebora

"Cherry Mobile because of their android powered mobile phones!"
- Duke Casper Naj

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It looks like the reactions are mixed; All three have their share of fans and haters.

How about you? Have you had any experience with any of these brands? Do you currently own a MyPhone, Cherry Mobile or Torque handset? What can you say about it? Please share your stories and comments below. It will really help a lot of people. Thanks!

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