HTC ChaCha Facebook Button and Easy Facebook Status Updating Demo

Probably the one thing that really sets the ultra-cute HTC ChaCha apart from other Android phones (or ALL other phones, for that matter) in the market these days is that it has a dedicated Facebook button.

htc chacha
HTC ChaCha in Purple, my favorite color.

One click on this button brings you to a page where you can easily update your FB status. No need to open the browser, type in the address then wait for everything to load. One click is all takes for you to start typing your FB status using HTC ChaCha's ergonomically designed and easy-to-use thumb-type QWERTY keyboard.

I've taken the liberty of recording this video to show you how easy it is to update your Facebook status using HTC ChaCha and its FB button. (Vlogging isn't really my forte so please bear with me.)

HTC ChaCha is now available in the Philippines. It sells for Php 13,500 without contract in malls. You may also get it for FREE via Smart Data Plan 1000.

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