Nokia N8 Philippines Mall Price Update as of September 2011

Last weekend, I accompanied my cousin to the mall to buy her Nokia N8.

She knows I write about gadgets so she asked for some advice on which smartphone to blow her hard-earned money on. She told me needs a smartphone that can double as a digicam as she loves to take photos and videos wherever she goes. I told her that if imaging is an important feature to her, then she might as well go with the best cameraphone in the world today, which is Nokia N8.

So last Saturday, we walked around level 3 of SM San Lazaro near UST looking for a store where she can get her phone. I took the opportunity to list down the current mall prices of Nokia N8 with 1 year Nokia warranty; Some stores sell it for Php 21,000, others for around Php 19,800. Still, there are stores offering it for roughly Php 18,000. She got hers, however, for only Php 17,500 with free jelly case!

nokia n8
She has it Silver White. I upgraded her Nokia N8 to Symbian Anna as soon as we got home.

I don't really know the exact reason for such a wide range of mall prices for the same retail package with the same warranty. All I know is that consumers are always attracted to stores offering the goods for the lowest price.

Makes me wonder is store owners even bother to check the price schedule of their competitors.

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