Apple Tablet Confirmed, Out in Early 2010 (?)

...or at least that's what THIS report from AppleInsider suggested.

Artist Rendition of Apple Tablet

The report basically states that Apple is already finalizing the design of the tablet and that Steve Jobs is already quite happy with the product. The rumored specs are as follows: 10-inch touchscreen, 3G data and a custom ARM processor instead of the previously considered Intel Atom processor. The device will be positioned in that empty spot between smartphone and laptop in Apple's product line.

What do you think? Is this tablet for real? If so, would you buy one eventually?
What should Apple call it -- iTablet, MacTablet, TabBook? :D

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  1. Apple Tablet may be launched this Christmas or possibly as early as September. I hope this will be another great rally for apple earnings. I will buy one of this for sure. The iphone started to be too little to stay all the day looking things. I am a great fan of apple product so started collecting all the information (more than 200 sites) about Apple Tablet(News, Videos, Pics, Pre reviews, Rumors etc.,). If you are interested take a look at the below link

  2. I sure hope Apple's tablet venture becomes a hit this time. The first Apple tablet didn't sell that well during its run.

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