Proxy Pro 6 - Top-Notch Remote Desktop Management Software

Proxy Networks, one of the leading providers of remote desktop management software, has recently released PROXY Pro 6. This new version features remote management software tools to view and repair configuration settings on remote PCs in real-time. Proxy Pro 6 does this without disturbing any logged-on users and performs tasks with outstanding security, utilizing 256-bit encryption – the highest in its class.

Proxy Pro 6 is ideal for Small and Medium Businesses, Workgroups and IT administrators who are looking for a secure, economical, easy-to-use, reliable software to aid the management of multiple desktop systems.

Great New Features

Proxy Pro 6 offers the user one-click access to monitor terminal sessions. It allows injection of keyboard and mouse commands into terminal sessions and even viewing or revising of configuration settings.

With Proxy Pro 6 you may record screen activity on a remote computer within the system and when working in Stealth Mode, even record terminal sessions without notifying the end users.

Auditing and deployment of tasks and remote support activites are also centralized and integrated with terminal servers.

Top-Notch Security

Unlike other remote desktop management softwares, PROXY Pro 6 does not require RPC protocol or file sharing when it is in use. File sharing is the common cause of security breaches and as such, it is often turned off in corporate environments.

You may download a 30-Day Free Trial version of Proxy Pro 6 remote desktop software via the link.

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