SciPhone N12: Chinaphone Running on Google Android OS

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Whether giant mobile phone distributors in the Philippines like it or not, there's no stopping Chinaphones' increasing share in the country's cellphone consumer pie -- and I think, with good reason: Chinaphones are dirt cheap yet feature rich ~ qualities that rarely go together, especially in more popular cellphone brands.

(If anything, I think, the presence of good Chinaphones in the market today should challenge bigger cellphone manufacturers to up their game.)

Chinaphones have become so feature packed lately, that - believe it or not -

... there's already one that runs on Google's open-source Operating System, Android!

Check out SciPhone N12:

Looks cool, right? It actually makes you forgive SciPhone for creating those lousy iPhone knock-offs.


624MHz Marvell processor
runs genuine Android OS,
sports both quadband GSM and WCDMA (3G),
3.2-inch touchscreen,
a GPS module,
CMMB TV support,
3.2 megapixel camera


Roughly $234 or around P12,000 (BTCC) -- Woot! For a phone sporting 3G, Wifi, TV and a great OS, that's really neat!

Keep tuning in for updates on its availability in Pinas.

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