NYC Invests $ 1 Million into Typewriters

Now, I know it's not right to be talking about the problems of a First World country without first worrying about your country's own. But this one is so 'interesting', I can't help but share it:

According to NY Post, New York City has just signed a $982,269 contract with Swintec, a New Jersey-based office equipment company, to provide thousands of new manual electric typewriters that will be used in NYPD offices over the next three years. Another $99,570 was also invested for maintaining NYPD's current line-up of typewriters.

The lesson? If you're still using a trusty typewriter to write school papers or your graduate thesis, don't feel too bad. No need to compare yourself with a lappie user. For what its worth, know in your heart that you are not alone. :)


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