How to Take Back Add as Friend Request (Un-Add) in Facebook

We received this very urgent help-request from Liza Mendez of Quezon City via Twitter DM a while ago:

"TechPinas, help me save my face on Facebook! Out of boredom, I added my biggest crush as friend on Facebook a few seconds ago. I now think that that was plain hasty and definitely stupid! And just I want to take back the add as friend request that I sent him... The problem is I'm having a hard time doing that - I'm totally lost! Helpppp meeeeee before it's too late! I don't want him to find out that I always think about him at night. Please!"

Hahahaha! Relax Liza! It's late and I bet your crush is already fast asleep. So take your time undoing 'that' action.

Here's what you do to take back an Add as Friend request in Facebook (before the person sees your request):

1. Log-in to your Facebook account.

2. Go to

3. On the upper left corner of FRIENDS page, click on ALL CONNECTIONS

4. Now, look for the name of the guy to whom you just sent a friend request. If he hasn't added you yet, you will see a "Friend Request Pending" text below his name -- this doesn't mean however that he hasn't seen your request yet so it's best to keep your fingers crossed. To un-add him, click on the X mark on the right of his name (in red circle below):


There! Relax, Lisa. :)

[Grabs courtesy of Facebook]

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