Implementation Date of Prepaid Load Validity Extension

Quoting BusinessMirror:

[...] [T]he NTC circular on the extended expiry of “vanishing load” [is] due to be implemented by July 19.

So for those who have been emailing TechPinas on the implementation date of prepaid load validity extension via NTC Memorandum Circular 03-07-2009, there you go: July 19, 2009.

But here's the thing: Globe Telecoms legal counsel Rodolfo Salalima disclosed that the company is preparing for a motion for reconsideration.

“The machinery and software program that we use and, therefore, the entire machinery has to be engineered to attune ourselves to the extended validity of the load,” Salalima explained. “To a certain extent, we will make an appeal to [the NTC] that this will have an impact on us…a motion for reconsideration na huwag namang ganito.”

To which, NTC Commissioner Ruel Canobas responded,

“We will wait for the submission, we will study the submission,” he said, adding that “because of the new guidelines, necessarily they have to compute or adjust the system. But this does not mean they will not comply. That is a guideline, an order from the commission.”

QUOTE: 'But this does not mean that they will not comply'

OK, so it looks like off hand, there's no stopping the July 19 implementation date.

Check out the new rates and the corresponding validity period of pre-paid credits HERE.

Keep tuning in for updates.

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